Friday, December 2, 2016

Welcome, December :)

Well, I missed this week's yarn along which disappoints me, but this morning has been quiet and less hectic than the rest of the week has been, so I figured it'd be the perfect time to post. With Thanksgiving hosting and the organizing of a church meal behind me (yes, the Sunday after Thanksgiving...what was I thinking?), I've been deep into prep for the midterm for my humanities class. Now that all that's done, I only have November month end/December month beginning Quickbooks stuff to finish up. I figured it was time to treat myself to a little online journaling, so here I am. :)

Lots and lots and lots of knitting been happening with several new patterns being released this fall. I'm currently enjoying the rhythm of simple, small knits for my grandbabies; wool beanies to warm their noggins this winter. I've finished one, am halfway finished with the second, and still need to pick the color for the third. (Speaking of winter, our forecast is for snow this Sunday - Tuesday!!)

I'm not sure if I shared that at about the same time we got our puppy, we also got a kitten. Ginny rarely meows, likes to chase handmade foil balls around the kitchen, and she terrorizes our Birdy. Taunts her. It's fun to watch, although it's frustrating to Anna who is in charge of both.

Daniel's making a rare appearance here today; he actually posed for me! He's been busy finishing his application for college and got it all in a day before the deadline for the early application tuition discount. Now we're just waiting to hear if he's accepted (which I anticipate since it's a small Christian college he's visited on numerous occasions). Praying for God's will for my youngest son and trusting this is the best path for him. I'm avoiding thinking that he'll be absent from our home come fall...

I shared the November grid photo on IG yesterday (Dec. 1). I like the ability to grid photos like that, to remember all the blessings of a month freshly wrapped up, and to give thanks. Such a good thing.

Lots and lots of hand-rolled beeswax candles for Advent have been shipped in the past couple weeks, even late orders which is a blessing. :)  I've got a Christmasy bonnet which was a sample I knit to test my pattern notes, and I added a red tie to it which I think was a nice touch. It's a one-of-a-kind, knit in superwash wool, and it's available along with natural beeswax candlesticks in my Etsy shop which you can find here.

For Advent we're reading Christmas Spirit & God Rest Ye Merry in the mornings and evenings. Both are so good and really put us in the right frame of mind for celebrating the birth of the King of Kings! We watch a lot of holiday movies and our first this year, earlier this week, was The Santa Clause with Tim Allen. Lots of silly laughter.

I've had a rule for years that we don't start the Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving, so we're one week in! I'm already tiring of the repititious tunes played on the car radio, so I've got to dig out the CDs -- my old Amy Grant and a myriad of other favorites. I say, welcome to Advent and December! Isn't it truly the most wonderful time of the year?

xo Lisa

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Recent knits & random thoughts :)

Things have been rather quiet here on the blog. I thought I'd have more time to spend here, but that just hasn't been the case. Life has a way of staying busy even when I'd prefer it to slow down. It doesn't help that I can't seem to say "no." Such a little word. No. Why I can't find a way to say it? Now that's an answer I'd like to know. :)

November knits included a test/sample knit for Ranee of Arabian Knits who designed the gorgeous stocking you see up there. I used stash wool, so my colors didn't match hers, and my stocking doesn't look very festive, but I love it and am thankful for the opportunity to knit this up. I learned a few things along the way, one of which is that my wrists don't care very much for such tight colorwork. Sigh. But I survived and am happy. The pattern has yet to be released, but if you follow Ranee, you'll find out!

Earlier this month I released my Pacific Shawl pattern and was blessed last week when my AnnaLynn got together with a friend of hers and did a photoshoot! LOVELY!! Thanks so much, Anna & Mel. :) xoxo

Me? I don't own a big-girl camera, but I'm hoping to remedy that this Christmas...perhaps a family gift? Fingers crossed here in Dole Valley. :)

Finally, that adorable photo up top is my sweet precious granddaughters, Charlotte & Linnea, modeling my new Lottie's Bonnet pattern. So thankful for their daddy who snapped photos for me yesterday after church and to their sweet momma who dressed them so perfectly for the occasion. If you're interested, I've got a giveaway for my new Lottie's Bonnet pattern on IG through midnight Nov. 30, so pop on over!

With Thanksgiving behind us and Advent having begun just yesterday, I'm certain I won't be spending too much time here in December. But who knows? Thanks so much for visiting my occasional posts, my friends. Wishing you all a blessed Advent!

xo Lisa :)

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

knitting, reading, coffee :)

It's the day after the election and this is what I'm doing. :)

Knitting: a wee bonnet (my own design in process) with KPs wonderful Swish Worsted in the Dublin colorway from my stash. I'm also doing a test/sample knit for Ranee of Arabian Knits; this is a stocking pattern that she'll be releasing soon. I've not been one to do much colorwork or to work from charts, but I'm loving this project and see more colorwork in my future!

Reading: Winston Graham's Poldark, the first in the series. So much more to the story than what's shared on the Masterpiece series, of course. I'm really enjoying getting the behind the scenes look into Ross's world in Cornwall.

Joining Ginny and looking forward to seeing what's on your hooks, needles, and nightstands :)


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Thursday, October 27, 2016

can't stop the feeling...

This is about the most feel good song on the radio...not that I would know since I don't listen to the radio much. But thankfully, my kids do. I dare you to get up and dance!  :)

And I really like that blue camaro, too. :)

Happy Friday!!


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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I know this looks like it's going to be another pumpkin patch beanie, but it's not!! I need a new pair of slippers, I really do, so I dug out a hank of the madder-dyed Shilasdair Aran I bought while in Scotland in June and cast on this free pattern from Drops. I'm not super happy with the pattern and am having to make adjustments here and there, but the reviews were good, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to like them. :)

I'm so glad Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates was released in paperback! We started this book a while back but had to return it to the library to avoid overdue charges. This will be our evening read aloud once we're finished with The Hiding Place (which may take a while since we've been fairly inconsistent). Life goes through phases, I know, but I really don't enjoy the "too-busy-for-family-time" seasons.

Joining Ginny on this rainy Wednesday morning. What have you been reading and knitting? :)


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