Saturday, August 22, 2009

17 years ago...

Back in 1992 when hair was big and mullets were in, two friends who had met right after highschool graduation in 1981 started talking on the telephone quite a bit and, well, they fell in love. Here we are in April of '92 just four months before we were married. (Ok, you can stop laughing...)

Being engaged to be married in our late 20's, having both been the victims of divorce, and each of us bringing children into the relationship brought with it some interesting advice. One recently remarried friend of mine had this to say, "Turn and run as far and fast as you can!" But we were in love, and one thing Dan and I knew about each other was that we were committed to "no matter what" - that leaving wasn't ever going to be an option.

By God's goodness and mercy we are celebrating our 17th anniversary today, and I have to say that the Lord has been incredibly good to us. We have had much to rejoice over and give thanks for, while at the same time we have had much to weep over and repent of. Surely the days and years ahead will bring more of the same since we are sinners saved by His merciful grace, but Lord willing, they will be years filled with much more rejoicing than weeping. We look forward with hope as we trust that the Lord will continue to restore the years the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25), that He will be a God to us and to our children after us (Acts 2:39), and that we will be heirs together of the grace of life (I Peter 3:7). To God be the glory!


  1. Happy Anniversary Dan and Lisa!! :D I'm so sorry we didn't call you to tell you on the day; I didn't know the date and Jeff didn't remember. :( Congratulations on your 17 years, you are such a wonderful pair of parents-in-law. :)

  2. Wow. Dad, nice shoes and hair! And moms shirt is tucked in!
    Ah well, I still love you guys so much! :)


  3. Just wait til you guys have been married for 17 years...your style is gonna look pretty funny, and we're going to make so much fun of you!! Love you guys :)

  4. i especially like the hair. congrats on 17 years! God is certainly faithful and full of grace. Amen!

    ps.....i'm delighted you fished out the old photo and even posted it.

  5. Isn't the hair great? And don't you also just love that wide, white belt and the white Keds? So glad the 90's are over...

  6. My first thought is, "Look at MacGyver." ;)
    Second thought, "I forgot that my anniversary is one day before Lisa and her husband's anniversary."
    Third thought, "God is very good."

    1. Very good, indeed! :) Thanks for the laugh and the sweet words!
      xo Lisa


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