Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy birthday to you, and you, and you...

This month has always been one of celebration for our family as we have three birthdays within ten days each August: Dan's is the 2nd, Daniel's is the 6th, and Jeffrey's is the 12th. This year we invited our extended family - the Seifert and Mihaly clans - to join us for a bbq. So this past Sunday a large group from both sides gathered at our place to fellowship and feast with us; we were blessed to have four generations of Seiferts represented!

We sang "Happy Birthday" to the three b-day boys and stumbled over the "...happy birthday dear [insert garbled mess of their three names]" which brought much laughter. :) Dessert included homemade butterscotch cake, lemon bars, and brownies -- YUM!! Of course these desserts were all the more delicious since I didn't have to make any of them. ;)

With thanks to God for His gift of family, we thank each of you who joined us for this special day and missed those of you who couldn't make it.

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