Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2009 Father-Son Retreat

Last weekend Dan and Danny attended for the second year in a row a father-son retreat hosted by Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington at Ghormley Meadows Christian Camp in Rimrock, Washington. Besides the encouraging and challenging messages given to the dads and sons by Scott Brown and his son-in-law, Peter Bradrick, lessons in orienteering were given by a Army Ranger School grad along with the generous gift to each family of a new compass! I don't know much about compasses, but Dan says it is nice. If you'd like to hear more about their time away at camp, feel free to ask either of them. In the meantime, please enjoy the following photos and video of what is becoming an annual father-son event...
My hard-working man enjoying time together with our boy :)
Danny prepares to go on the zip-line!
Daniel and the impressive Mt. Rainier
Building memories...
What they listened to on the way there and on the way home...
(Thanks goes to Tom for the loan of these great messages)

Danny goes on the zip-line...


  1. Hahaha! That video is so funny! Danny looks like he enjoyed that zip line. :D Looks like a fun time, how come girls never get to that kind of thing with their moms? ;) It looks like a lot of fun to me! That's also really neat about the compass, what a cool gift!

  2. Funny, that's what AnnaLynn said, too!

  3. Lol! AnnaLynn is a girl after my own heart I think. ;)


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