Monday, September 7, 2009

Firewood Day at the Seiferts

This past Saturday was "firewood" day for our family. We are blessed to have purchased three cords of cut and split wood from friends who were moving to Montana and didn't want to just leave it - they made us a great deal. :) We also have a pretty-good size pile left over from last year that still needs to be cut and split (that's this coming Saturday), so we should be good for wood to heat our home for the coming fall and winter.

Lord willing, our forest wood permit will be arriving soon which will allow us to go out to the forest (usually not to far from where we live) to collect leftovers from logging sites. The government permit allows us to collect up to six cords of wood - for free. A great deal, but lots (really, LOTS) of work. And, by the way, so kind of the government to let us do so. ;)
Daniel & AnnaLynn posing to show off what we stacked on Saturday afternoon. It had been pouring down rain all morning, so we were greatly blessed by a break in the weather for a few hours to work outside. There is great pleasure in working together as a family to accomplish any task, and this one was made fun by turning it into a game of "beat the clock" to see how fast we could finish each row ("ok guys, let's see if we can finish this row in ten minutes..."), and we did!
That's one of our kittens, Luther, on top of the wood pile.
Notice the cowboy boot/sweat pants outfit. A girl has got to have her own sense of fashion even while stacking firewood, right?
Thankful to be done for the day! (And thankful my working-girl sweatpants aren't visible in the photo!)
And what still needs to be cut & stacked...

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