Monday, September 7, 2009

Growing corn...

...well, sort of . :)

We finally got a garden in this year; our first since moving to our new home in 2006. When we sold our old house in town, we left behind a beautiful, well-established garden and mini-orchard, so I've been eager to get things going out here. The problem has been the abundance of other projects related to the property or house taking up all our spare time (and money) including the need to build a six-foot high deer fence to keep the pesky creatures from devouring our plants!

Thankfully, Dan finished the deer fence this spring, and we were able to plant our first Dole Valley garden. We have had a decent harvest of lettuce, peas, green beans, carrots, cucumbers, sunflowers, and potatoes, but our corn didn't do so well...
Here's a cute picture of AnnaLynn posing with the corn she'd just shucked for dinner. Notice the teeny, tiny ear in the middle of the pot; that one was from our garden.
The rest of the lovely ears in our pot were from Chelsea & Jonathan's garden; they were kind to share with us. :)
Pretty pathetic, isn't it? But, we did cook that tiny ear of corn and each of us took one tiny bite. Don't laugh! It was really sweet and tasty. (Jonathan & Chelsea's wasn't bad either...)

We've learned some lessons this year that should help us to do better next year. First off, we're at a much higher elevation (about 900 ft.) now than when we were in town, so the growing season is very different. Second, our soil is used to growing things like Douglas firs, ferns, and other forest plants, so we'll have to work on amending it. Third, we will be putting in some raised beds next year as well as starting some plants in a cold frame to get an earlier start. If anyone has any suggestions that might help us garden more successfully out here, please feel free to comment!

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  1. This year was a learning year for us as well. It seems to be something that isn't ever mastered that first year. You always learn something you need to do from the soil, to different climates, when to start, like you said. :) Hopefully next years harvest will be great!!


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