Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Yesterday morning during chores, Anna ran in and asked to use the camera. I was expecting to see another sunrise photo, but this is what she took a picture of:

Isn't that sweet? Apparently she and Daniel put the kittens (Luther & Calvin) into their food bin in the garage every morning while they're busy feeding the other animals. The kittens must really enjoy being served breakfast this way, as I hear they often fall asleep in there after eating their fill. :)


  1. Kaylee LOVES that picture! All morning she has been asking me to see the "meows!" She was on my lap this morning while I was checking my RSS feeds... :-) She loves your kitties...

  2. That is a very cute picture! Good job Anna!

  3. I have to say that Jeff and I are guilty of feeding the kitties this way too....but we sat and watched them eat for entertainment, lol! Then we were good and took them out to eat from a bowl. ;) Cute picture AnnaLynn!


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