Saturday, September 19, 2009

No. 3 Pencils :)

I know this might seem silly to most people, but I love using No. 3 pencils. I stumbled upon them quite a few years ago at a local office supply store and knew I had found the pencil for me since the label described the lead as "hard" rather than "soft." I've always been one to press hard when I write (don't know why that is...) causing the lead on the No. 2's to wear down far too quickly (who wants to be sharpening all the time?).

Last year as I was gearing up for the school year, I realized I was OUT of my beloved No. 3's and was disappointed to learn that the store where I had previously purchased them was no longer carrying them! Whatever was I going to do? Enter a sweet friend (I had for some reason shared my misfortune with) who took pity on me by giving me several boxes for my birthday after having found them available for purchase online. :)

But why am I writing about this? Last week I happened to catch a few minutes of Glenn Beck's radio show when all the sudden he's talking about No. 3 pencils and even advising a caller to get one. Imagine my excitement in learning that someone else even knows about the most fabulous No. 3? Go ahead and laugh; I know it's rather silly. :) But I do know of other folks who are also rather particular about their writing instrument - but maybe not quite so passionate about it...


  1. I actually like No. 3 pencils better in school as well! :D I too press down hard when writing, I've never been one to write softly. I always chalk it up to anxiety or something, lol!

  2. See, just one more reason that we get along so well. :) If you ever need a new pencil, let me know! haha!

  3. How's that stash of #3's holding up? I still look for them when I buy pencils. It's fun to know your friend's quirks.

  4. Holding up quite well; mainly since no one else in my house likes to use them. Quirks???


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