Friday, October 2, 2009

We got an egg!

For the past couple of weeks while doing their morning animal chores, the kids have been eagerly checking for an egg. Normally what they would find is an empty nesting box, but since our hens are now four months old, we figured the time for egg laying had to be close. Each day when they came back up from the field I'd ask, "Any eggs?" To which they'd reply, "Nope."

But this morning that changed when Daniel peered into the nesting box expecting the usual nothing and was surprised to find our first egg! Our days of store-bought eggs will come to a close for now, and as soon as the hens are laying consistantly, we'll be able to sell a few dozen every week. Let us know if you're interested. :)

On a side note, our hens have been flying out of their yard on a consistent basis for the past couple of weeks. We'd been procrastinating clipping their wings due to lack of know how, but thankfully Dan and the kids watched a "how to clip chicken wings to keep them from flying" video on the internet just this Tuesday and then actually went out and clipped them (sorry, no photos of that). Who knows where the hens might have started laying if they'd been out!


  1. When did you get them?? I wonder if ours will lay soon, we got them in June...anyway how exciting! I bet the kids are excited for all of them to start laying more! (And I bet your happy to have farm fresh eggs right in your backyard!)

  2. We got our chicks at the end of May, so yours should start laying pretty soon. And yes, we are very, very happy to have farm fresh eggs again!


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