Friday, November 13, 2009

Ever striving...

From our morning devotional in Tabletalk:
The single-minded devotion that we are to have to the Lord and His cause is not developed overnight. In fact, it is something we are ever striving toward and yet will not reach perfectly in this life. Nevertheless, that we seek to put Him first shows that we have hearts that have been made to love Him, and so we should be encouraged every time we overcome idolatry (or any sin, for that matter). Let us be confident that He empowers us to commit ourselves to Him more each day.
I love this, especially the "ever striving" part. Living in the "now and not yet" is living a life of daily sanctification. I love my life, and I love the striving - maybe it's why I've always struggled to be content. And yet being content is part of our sanctification and certainly worth striving for. Sigh.

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  1. We are a little behind in our Tabletalk and haven't gotten to this one yet, but I really like and need that message. I have a horrible time living in the here and now, especially within the last six months or so. Lately I find myself wanting to be closer and closer to the Lord and what He wants for me, but my biggest struggle is to not lean on my own understanding, but to give my troubles to Him. I can't wait to get to that study, I really need to read that! :)


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