Saturday, November 7, 2009

Her family is her mission field...

Morning devotions here at our house are usually done while it is still dark outside. Daniel, AnnaLynn, and I gather near the wood stove in our family room, and after the kids do their quiet Bible reading, we go over our daily lesson from "Training Hearts, Teaching Minds" by Starr Meade. This excellent book has been quite helpful to us in our study of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Because my kids are such thinkers, I often am asked questions that I wish their dad was here to answer, but since he is out of the house and off to work by 6:20, it is up to me to give them answers - at least until he gets home from work, that is.

This past week we added the Tabletalk magazine from Ligonier Ministries as part of our morning devotions and have been enjoying the study immensely. This morning I was up early and read through their article for this weekend entitled "Godly Mothers" by Tom Ascol in which he discussed the role of Timothy's mother and grandmother in in his life (2 Timothy 1:5). Dr. Ascol affirms that God's design is that children be raised in two-parent families with dads doing the leading, and I whole-heartedly agree with him. I am so thankful for a godly husband who, despite his many hours away from our home working hard to provide for us, loves and leads us as best he can with his limited time. That being said, much of the training of our two still at home falls to me. The final paragraph of the article reminded me of what can easily be forgotten unless we keep a proper perspective of our calling as mothers:

The call to be a mother is a high calling indeed. Even when the home life is fraught with difficulties and challenges, a Christian mother has a great opportunity to influence her children for Christ. Her family is her mission field, and like all faithful missionaries she should trust the Lord to supply grace to meet all of the challenges as she seeks to seize all of the opportunities to impact the rising generation with the gospel (emphasis mine).

Did you catch that? "Her family is her mission field..." I remember being taught that, and I know it is true, but there is so much out there (and to be truthful, even within the home) that calls our names and tempts us to find our fulfilment and purpose outside of our callings as wives and mothers. We must be sure that we are "seizing all the right opportunities" so that we do not fail to properly "impact the rising generation with the gospel." We must not sacrifice our callings in order to pursue our own ambitions. We must not sacrifice our children in order to do "ministry" no matter how worthy that ministry might be.

My family is my mission field...


  1. Amen to that one! I look at it this way... I have a perfect little heathen that God has given to me to shape and mold and instruct, teach and turn into someone who will glorify God and enjoy Him forever. We just simply can not ignore the ones God has give us to minister to for others. Not that we shouldn't take the gospel to the world, but lets make sure our houses are in order first. :-)

  2. I so agree. I wrote this post more for myself than anyone else. It can be so easy to take on one more task, to say "yes" to another request, to spend time on this blog (and here I am...), to knit and crochet (!), to talk on the phone, to respond to an e-mail, to sell things at a bazaar, to try to launch an Etsy store, to read my favorite magazines & books, etc. These are all good things to be sure, but if/when they get in the way of my responsibilities as a wife and mom, it's time to step back (again, more to myself than anyone else). I once heard Nancy Wilson put it something like this: husband, children, church, world. :)


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