Monday, November 2, 2009

Looking forward to Christmas...

'Cause I'm really missing these two... Recently I mentioned in a post how funny it is that young ladies grow up and become our friends. The reality is that they, in fact, do. And not just any young ladies, but especially it is our daughters who grow up and become our very dearest friends. I am so thankful that we'll get to see Jess & Zack this December and am looking forward to making cookies, sitting by the fire and talking, and doing all the other ordinary stuff that we've missed out on since they've been in California. And I'll share if I have to. :)


  1. You are the most absolute sweetest mother a daughter could ever have asked for! I miss you guys (and you especially) so much and am soooo looking foward to coming down and doing all of those ordinary things with you! And of course fighting over who gets to sit where by the woodstove with the kids! Cuz you know I'll win! :D

    I love you so much!

    Your dearest daughter,

  2. And yes, you do have to! :-) Because I'm looking forward to those two weeks too...


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