Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Global Freezing!!

Well, maybe it's not global, but it sure is freezing around here these days. Just to prove it, here are some photos we took today of the Lewis River at the junction of Sunset Falls Road and Dole Valley Road.

Looking west off the bridge~
And looking to the east~

I wish I could tell how thick it was~
But there was no way we were climbing down to the river to check it out! Brrr!


  1. Wow! Did it freeze like that last year to? It sure has been cold. There's a little pond on 199th we drive by all the time and today there were a few families out on it ice skating!

  2. I would love to go ice skating on a real lake, how fun that would be! This still amazes me, it has been so cold this winter! Isn't God's creation just beautiful?!!

    Thanks for sharing it with me Mrs. Seifert!

  3. Thanks for commenting, ladies. :)

    Kristen, yes it did freeze last year, but I don't think it looked quite the same since we had snow. The frozen river was such a beautiful sight that I had to stop and capture it with my camera.

    Andra, you are welcome! Living out where we do provides us with the daily blessing of being amazed by the beauty of God's creation.


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