Monday, December 14, 2009

LaCenter Bazaar

Two Saturdays ago we participated in our second and final bazaar of the year at La Center High School. It was busy, busy, busy with lots of lookers, but not so many buyers. However, Anna and I had a good time together and both sold several items. Yep, that's right, even AnnaLynn got in on the action this time. A couple days before the bazaar she asked if she could make something to sell, so we came up with the idea of Christmas bracelets sized for young girls her age. She made a total of nine bracelets and sold six of them! It was fun watching the moms, grandmas, and girls looking at them - we priced them to sell at only $1 each. As a matter of fact, two sold before I remembered to take a picture!

I had hats to sell, of course, along with a couple of new items including crocheted fingerless gloves.

I was pretty happy with the display idea I came up with (tracing Anna's hand!) so folks would realize what they were right away and not simply pass over them. I did sell one pair and am happy with that. :)

I also sold four hats and two soap cozies. Not a big money making day, for sure, but a day well spent with my nine-year-old entrepreneur.

And just in case you're wondering why Anna's baby doll is in the photo, she ("Nancy") had the honor of modeling my latest crocheted hat creation - a baby helmet hat! I didn't get a close up photo of it to share here, but will do so soon. :)

Thanks much to Cheri and Tammy for inviting us to share their bazaar spots with them and for the encouragement and inspiration along the way!


  1. I love Anna's bracelets and your fingerless gloves! :) I don't think you told me that she was selling anything, but then again, my memory is so scattered, I could be wrong. ;) I didn't know that you had made those gloves either, they're very cute! Looks like it was a beautiful display, even if not much was sold.

  2. I thought I had told you about Anna's bracelets, but then maybe I didn' memory is slipping these days, too. :)

    And thank you for your kind words about my fingerless gloves! They are more of a dress-up item than anything with that open crochet pattern, but they are fun, don't you think?


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