Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baking bread...

Baking a good loaf of bread is something I've wanted to do for most of my adult life. With far too many failed attempts behind me (that is, bricks coming out of my oven...), I'd resigned myself to a life of purchasing bread from the grocery store or Costco. I am happy to report that those days may be over after the bread baking day Anna & I had earlier this week! When browsing through the new cookbook Dan gave me for Christmas, From Amish and Mennonite Kitchens, I came upon a recipe for whole wheat bread claiming to be "the best loaf of brown bread I ever made" and thought I'd give it a try. How could I go wrong?

We decided to make one half of the recipe since it makes four loaves (who needs four bricks?). We also decided to make one loaf and one pan of dinner rolls. I became hopeful as the dough came together and rose beautifully; it smelled delicious while it was baking, and it looked perfect when it came out of the oven. :)

But I didn't want to get my hopes up too high - the test would be in the tasting. We smothered a roll in butter and shared it between ourselves and Danny - the unanimous response was a long "mmmmmmm."

And Anna said, "It's a keeper, Mom!"


  1. A post about yummy bread without a recipe, now that's not fair! :)
    Glad your bread turned out so good!

  2. I have another cook book by Phyllis Pellman Good and the recipes are easy, very tasty, and make huge quantities. Good job, your bread looks great!


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