Monday, February 1, 2010

And speaking of thank you notes...

We had company over Friday evening for dessert and a movie. There is nothing in the world like good friends. You know the kind I mean, the ones who can show up after a bad day when your hair's not done just right (and you never got around to putting on your make up) - the ones who just seem to fit right in and make themselves at home. The ones who can plop down on your sofa and put their feet up, and there's no formal etiquette to keep. You know the ones - they're like family.

When you do this kind of thing often enough with the same folks, and their little ones come up to you half way through the movie and ask, "Ms' Fifer, where's the popcorn?" you just want to give them a big squeeze because they are familiar enough with us to know there is always popcorn with a movie at our house. :)

So, what does all this have to do with a thank you note? Sunday afternoon on our way home from church I found an envelope in my purse, and inside was a thank you note from a sweet young lady (who often sneaks notes into my purse...) thanking us not only for our hospitality Friday evening, but also for the friendship our families share. What a blessing! Honestly, it made me cry. Tucked inside along with the card was a little note that reads:
The path to a friend's house is never long.

The thing is, the path to our house is really long for everyone we know! But how true it is that long drives are worth it, and don't seem so long, when the company is sweet.

Thanks, Jess!

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