Saturday, February 13, 2010


I simply love the weekend. After the weekdays have gone by with their various duties, tasks, errands, and responsibilities, it is absolutely wonderful to finally make it to Friday afternoon. The school week winds down as we finish up lessons for the week, make dinner, and start talking about what movie we're going to watch that evening when Dan gets home from work. (FYI: Last Friday was "An American Tale" which went nicely with the Ellis Island/immigration study we're doing in history, and this week it was "The Princess Bride" which didn't necessarily go along with anything - we just happen to really like fairy tales (and besides, there are so many excellent lines in The Princess Bride - He's mostly dead... And since it's Valentine's weekend, there is nothing like a story about true love and "ma-wige"!))

Saturdays mornings here tend to be slow. Breakfast together around the table (since we don't have that luxury during the week with Dan being off to work by 6:20 each morning) is a blessing! Even though the four of us are all busy most of the day doing Saturday types of things, it is so nice to all be home together. :) Sometimes it's work outside, sometimes it's household chores, sometimes it preparing lots of delicious food for Sunday's lunch - but it just doesn't matter what it is since we're all here. Sigh.

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