Tuesday, March 30, 2010


or as the kids would say, "Californ - I - A." We recently read an interesting story about the mass migration of folks from Oklahoma to California during the dust bowl years, and often times they would say they were on their way to Californ - I -A. And so here we are!

We arrived in Eureka yesterday after a long, rainy day of driving and several hours spent listening to "The Hiding Place" on cd. What a story! I don't have a way to upload pictures, so those will have to wait until we arrive at Jess & Zack's Wednesday evening, Lord willing.

Today we're off to explore the majestic redwoods! Please keep us in your prayers.

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  1. Anonymous3/30/2010

    That's funny because Hannah and I went to our Grandparents in Cathlamet a few weeks ago and on Sunday we went to a concert and one of the songs had Californ-I-O in it.
    Have fun,


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