Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Leslie!

A 40th birthday is as good a reason as any for friends to gather and eat good food. Laurn was kind to invite a small group of folks (us included) to celebrate Leslie's birthday at Famous Dave's.

If you look closely you'll see that one of the several varieties of bbq sauce available is called "Devil's Spit" - I didn't try it. There were five different sauces plus ketchup (ketchup?); I settled on the one called "Texas Pit" and thought it was just right. Since it's a bbq place, there was a LOT of food (notice that the platters in the middle of the tables are actually garbage can lids...). The neon sign over my head in the photo below says it all...

Zack W. took this lovely photo of Dan and me since we didn't sit next to each other.
Thanks for the great time, Laurn & Leslie!


  1. Why in the world are you guys the ONLY couple not sitting next to each other??? :D

    Looks like it was fun!


  2. We just love looking at one another and gazing into each other's eyes...

    The real reason is that since there were five couples, that was just the way the seating worked out (we volunteered). :)

  3. We LOVE Famous Dave's! They have THE BEST cornbread muffins ever!!! Looks like fun! :)

  4. Oh yes, the cornbread muffins...Dan ate several of them. :) Delicious! I would also recommend the brisket (almost as good as Laurn's) and the chicken which was tender and smokey. We'll have to go next time we get together! Missing you, ~L

  5. Thank you for coming and for posting. Jessica wants the pictures.


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