Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's chicken time!

Can you believe it? We've gone agrarian...

Who would've thought you could mail chicks?

They were hatched on Sunday in Idaho, mailed to Vancouver, and picked up by us today.

Each of our 53 chicks needed its beak dipped in water so they would know to drink.

Happy chicks...

They'll live in our garage in a brooder (which my amazing husband built, by the way!) for about 3 weeks at which time they'll be moved outside to be pastured (that means they get to eat grass and bugs, breath fresh air, and grow big and healthy!).

And in case you're wondering what their names are:

Fettuccine Alfredo, chicken curry, honey-baked, chicken enchilada, oven-fried, chicken noodle soup, homemade broth, etc. That's right, they're all named "dinner" since that is what they will become sometime at the end of June...Lord willing. :)

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  1. They are SO cute!!! They look just like the marshmallow peeps. :) How fun! Can't wait to watch them grow up. And I hope to get a taste of one at some point. :)

  2. Marshmallow peeps...too funny!

  3. TOO CUTE!
    Where you guys bringing them home when we passed you? What a bummer to not have seen them! :(
    *smile* Right on! Perfect names for the little balls of fuzz. :) I wanted to call our cows, "Steak" and "yummm" but Caitlin had other plans. :)
    Well, have fun with them, and hope to see them soon!

  4. I think Kaylee wants to come see your "chickies". She says they are "SOOO coote!". ;-)

  5. Jess - yes, we were on our way home with the chicks; too bad we missed you! Come on out and see them!

    Chels - Ya'll better bring that cute little girl of yours on out to see them, too!

  6. So cute! 53 chicks!? I can't imagine them all together, but I'm sure they'll love the garden! Want to send one to me? :P

    Love you!


  7. Yes, 53! And tomorrow Dad is bringing home 20 more, only they will be hens for laying eggs instead of meat birds. :)

    If I did send you one, where would you keep it? haha

    Wish you could hear them, "Cheep, cheep, cheep!" (times 53, of course!)

  8. SOOOO CUTE!! :D I can't even imagine eating them looking at how cute they are now. Do you guys do the butchering yourself?

  9. I know, aren't they cute? They are so yellow and fuzzy, sort of like a puff of soft yellow yarn. :)

    To tell the truth, we've never raised birds for meat, only for eggs, so we can't say how well we imagine eating them either. We will be "dressing" the birds at a small chicken farm that has the set up for all that and will have some help from some folks who've done this sort of thing before. Thankfully we don't have to think about all that for about 8 weeks. ;)


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