Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our day at the San Diego Zoo

Although this was the most expensive thing we did while in California, I'm thankful we took advantage of the opportunity to visit the San Diego Zoo. Navigating the zoo with our trusty maps in hand, we walked...and walked...and walked. While we enjoyed observing & laughing at the vast display of the wonderful and curious creatures God has made, we were saddened (sickened would be a better word...) at the overabundance of evolutionary displays. It seems there was one at every turn.

According to the following sign, we were visiting our "relatives" there at the San Diego Zoo... (Daniel says, "The LIE, evolution!)

Seeing this man walking throughout the zoo caused me to rejoice! Surely his wardrobe choice that particular morning was purposeful. :)

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  1. Anonymous4/14/2010

    I love how you ended this post! Great photos. You have a precious family. You are a blessed woman indeed.


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