Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thursday afternoon fun in CA...

While Zack was studying at the seminary on Thursday, we spent the afternoon with Jess in Escondido browsing some shops and sampling the local pizza - our "sausage & pepperoni" was quite tasty although it was the cheesiest pizza we'd ever seen or eaten (and we didn't even order "extra cheese" which did happen to be an menu option); all the meat was under the cheese rather than on top (well, except two pieces of pepperoni that you can see in the picture - weird!).

This lovely statue was one of many in a similar style that were part of a window display in Escondido - sort of reminded us of a Wallace & Grommit character...

This really cool door is inside a store (looks like it's outside with the lighting, the birdbath, and the greenery, huh?). Just the sort of front door Daniel would like to have someday. :)

After lunch we drove to Encinitas to take a stroll along Moonlight Beach was absolutely gorgeous!


  1. So glad you all had a fun trip--looking forward to the rest of the photos. :-)

    CA beaches are SO nice!!

  2. Compared to Oregon beaches, oh yeah! (Except during church camp, of course!)

  3. Great times! I think I'll be lifting a bunch of these photos! ;)


  4. You have my permission, Jess. :) I espcially love the one of you and Dad!

  5. What Fun! All the photos really look like you all had a delightful visit! Nice.


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