Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today is not forever...

"Today is not forever. If John speaks wisdom in saying that he has no greater joy than to know that his children walk in the truth (III John 4), then it follows that there is no greater sorrow than knowing that our children do not walk in the truth. But we must remember that all of us who walk in the truth, even if we have no such memory, once walked in darkness. If our child does not believe today it is not proof that our child will never believe. Speak clearly to such children, and importune the judge of all the earth day and night. This is trustworthy and true, that Jesus came to save sinners. Do not lose hope." ~RC Sproul Jr.
importune: ask urgently or repeatedly


  1. That is very encouraging. I know I'm not a parent, but I am the sister of this type of lost sheep. Thanks for sharing. I think I will pass it on. :)


  2. Yes, thank you for sharing Lisa. I don't have kids either, but my Dad is not a believer, and I have two sisters that are not either and that can be discouraging.
    Thanks :)


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