Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Christian Heritage Conference - 2010

This post is a little late, but better late than never. For the third year in a row our family had the pleasure of attending the annual conference put on by Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington in Redmond, WA. Having firmly rooted itself as a part of our family's yearly traditions, we begin looking forward to the next year's conference as soon as each one is over. Sadly there is an uncertainty regarding the continued use of the facility the conference has been held at for the past five years, so we're praying for God's favor that the conferences will continue. They have been such a blessing and source of encouragement to our family!

The keynote speakers this year were Ken Ham and Kevin Swanson, both men with whom we're familiar as we've been attending Answers in Genesis events ever since our grown-up kids were grade-schoolers, and we had the privilege of hosting Kevin Swanson of Generations with Vision as the speaker of our church's Heritage Weekend conference last summer. These men spent the weekend reminding us (and the over 2700 in attendance) of the importance of home education and the transferring of our faith to our children through discipleship while leaning heavily on prayer and trusting in the Lord. Can you say multigenerational vision?

Here are the kids and myself in our pew. We're such creatures of habit - 5th row on the left, just like on Sunday mornings. I cannot believe we did not have anyone take a picture of the four of us!

Several families from our church also attended and stayed at the same hotel as we did, so the kids all had a good time of fellowship and swimming in the hotel pool with their friends.

These two have their "intern" suits on...

After one of Mr. Ham's lectures, Daniel and Matthew decided to go up and shake his hand, which turned into a conversation for Daniel...

They were discussing defenses against the "day-age" theory (I'm not kidding). And Danny did get to shake his hand. What a privilege to sit with our children under the teaching of such knowledgeable and faithful men of God!

After being fed by a fire hose for two days, we gathered at Azteca for dinner (another tradition) to talk and laugh and rejoice over all we'd been taught...

...and then we were on our way home feeling challenged, inspired, invigorated, and tired. And, yes, full of longing to do it all over again next year, Lord willing.

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