Friday, May 7, 2010

Meat birds...they're getting "meaty"

It truly amazes me how quickly these creatures are growing! We brought them home on April 27 - that's ten days ago - and they have transformed from cute little balls of fluff into, well, not-so-cute stinky birds. They've sprouted feathers and eat like there's no tomorrow. Really.

This cracks me up; they still like to lay all over each other to keep warm. You'd think they'd be smothering each other. Me, I like my personal space, but these chicks apparently don't have that need. :)

Almost two weeks down; seven weeks to go. Stay tuned...
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  1. Our 92 meat chicks are in exactly the same condition. It's amazing and encouraging to see how effective they are at converting feed to greater body size. By the time the whole 8 weeks is up, we should each have a significant amount of chicken on our hands.


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