Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A house with a view...

The first time Dan and I stood on our property, we were awed by the quiet stillness that surrounded us. We could see nothing but the forest stretching for miles around us with Larch Mountain rising to the south. We could hear the wind blowing through the trees and Rock Creek flowing through the valley. The land sloped gently down toward the road on the south side and toward a thin ribbon of seasonal creek making its way through the woods behind us on the north. We stood there deeply breathing it all in, looked at each other, and made the decision that "we could live here."

I snapped this photo a few days ago and was reminded of that day in 2004. Thank you, Lord for your provision. Thank you for memories. Thank you for reminding me of how good we have it. Thank you for all the work we have done and still have to do here. And while we weren't looking for one, thank you for giving us this incredibly peaceful and breathtaking view.


  1. Beautiful - I dream of having a view just like this!

  2. Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment. :) I always dreamed of this view as well...trees for as far as the eyes can see! Blessings, ~Lisa


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