Monday, December 6, 2010

Yuletide - Another Lesson for Charlie Brown...

"The holiday season—what we generically just call Christmastime—is actually a long sequence of holy days, festal revelries, and liturgical rites stretching from the end of November through the beginning of January that are collectively known as Yuletide."

This little snippet comes from the blog of Dr. George Grant who provides a succinct explanation as to why Charlie Brown and the rest of us can tend toward confusion and discouragement when it comes to the true meaning of Christmas.

"It is a season fraught with meaning and significance. Unfortunately, it is also such a busy season that its meaning and significance can all too easily be obscured either by..."
Guess what... It's  not about the stuff. And it's not about the economy. It's about the fulfillment of God's promise to mankind! We celebrate the Yuletide traditions to remember what HE has done for us. :)

To read the rest, click here.

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