Saturday, January 29, 2011

Three things that made me smile today...

I was inspired by a friend who shared last weekend three things that made her happy, and so today, you get to know three things that made me smile:

This came in the mail:

I'm sooo ready to get some seeds started!

And this came in the mail, too:

It's wonderful to have such a creative daughter! I'll post a picture when we figure out the perfect spot to hang these. :)

And although this didn't come in the mail today, it did make me smile:

Ultimate Lemon Cake - a new recipe that looks to have turned out perfectly! I wish I could eat a slice right now, but it's for dessert after lunch tomorrow. I'll share the recipe another time...


  1. You are so nice! We got our Territorial Seeds catalog in the mail today too. Yeah! Wow, that cake looks SO good--wish you were coming to my house! ;-)

  2. Aren't you so ready to start gardening? My growing season isn't even close; I don't even have a single bulb up yet (such is life our here...).


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