Monday, April 25, 2011

By the skin of my teeth...

Aren't they cute?

By the skin of my teeth I pulled off not one, not two, but three projects last week: the poncho, the skirt, and that handsome striped vest. The skirt was super easy, even the poncho was easy, but the knitted vest? It worked up nicely, but the weaving in of all those different colored ends? Yikes!

Overall I'm very pleased with how everything turned out and am glad Daniel and AnnaLynn are happy with their new Easter attire, but I have to say that it truly was only by the skin of my teeth that Anna's poncho was finished -- the tassel was attached in the van, at a stop sign, on the way to church!

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  1. Wow you did an amazing job! It all looks great. It looks like that vest would have been hard to make but to me the poncho would have been hard also.

  2. Thanks! The poncho was made using stitches much like a granny square with lots of repetition, so I was able to keep going along each side without having to think too much or pay too close of attention. It would be a great project for someone with just a little experience! Blessings, ~Lisa

  3. Wow, that is a lot for one week! They turned out great, though. :)

  4. It was a lot! Truly don't think I'll do that again. :) Thanks for stopping by, Sophia; your quilts are lovely!


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