Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A new toy...

I mentioned on Monday that our camera decided it was done taking pictures for us. How's a mom/blogger supposed to function without a camera? My wonderful children provided illustrations for our Muffin Monday post, but I don't think they have the time or desire to be my personal blog illustrators. Thankfully, my sweet husband did a little research and took me to Costco last night where I spent the last of my Christmas bazaar earnings on this...

Actually, that's the super complicated instruction manual that came with our cool new camera. ;) Neither of us is a real photographer -- a fact you're likely aware of if you've seen any of our photos, and since you're here, you certainly have seen mine. But, one way or another, we'll be learning how to use this new toy of ours. :) I spent a little time this morning playing around...

Beautiful signs of spring...

And those muffins we baked on Monday...

Our new camera has HD video capability, sports continuous mode for action shots, allows us to adjust white balance (whatever that is), and a slew of other settings we're entirely unfamiliar with. (Jess, can you come home for the weekend and help us out?!) Everyone knows that a new and fancy camera does not a photographer make. Our daughter Jessica, now she is a real photographer. Me? I just want to take a non-blurry shot.


  1. Cool! I would totally come home for a weekend if I could! These pictures look great anyways! :)

    Love you!

  2. Thanks. If your blog wasn't private, I'd have linked it up. :) Love you, too!

  3. Ok. I'm sold. I went looking on Costco for that camera, saw the price, thought about your pictures, and was determined to order it.

    Then I remembered I have to renew my membership. Dah!

    So...I'll do that tomorrow, THEN buy it. Thanks for the help!
    Now following from blog hop.

  4. Had to follow from my other blog too! And I would be grateful...nay, honored if you'd submit some of your recipes into my recipe link up contest!
    Check it out...



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