Friday, May 27, 2011

Of final exams and flowers...

Yesterday was our big Gileskirk humanities co-op final exam day! Yeah, I'm sure the students were as excited as I was...

A group of homeschooled high school and jr. high students as young as 12 (Daniel) sat down for a 20 page (yes, 20 page) test -- the culmination of our year long study of Antiquities beginning with Creation and ending with Augustine. Whew!

I had the pleasure of overseeing geography lessons for this incredible group of young people, and let me tell you, these kids know their stuff. I am so proud of each one! Could you correctly label a map of all the nations of modern Europe and the Middle East? Do you know what U.A.E. stands for? Could you name the four countries that make up the United Kingdom? Could you correctly place the Ural Mountains, the Alps, the Himalayas, and the Andes on a world map?

And what a treat for me; I was presented with this gorgeous bouquet of flowers as a thank you. :)

Along with the flowers was a thank you card signed by the students along with a gift card to JoAnn's! Woohoo! Thank YOU, Gileskirk students!! You are each amazing!

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