Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On my needles...

I'm joining in again this week for the yarn and book sharing fun over at the Yarn Along. If you're looking for project inspiration or an interesting book recommendation, you should check it out!

Another week, another Yarn Along post! I'm still reading Health for Godly Generations and find myself encouraged and inspired to consider more and more the way I shop for, grow, and prepare food my family:
"Mankind is still a steward over the ground just like the first man, Adam.  Responsibly tending the earth and conscientiously feeding our appetites are two ways to serve God as stewards of His property. As God cares well for the earth, His people should do likewise."
We finished reading 100 Cupboards last evening after Daniel and AnnaLynn begged their Papa to read the last chapter rather than waiting for tonight. Bedtime was at almost 10 p.m., but the Papa was a hero, and we finished yet another family read aloud. :)  For the record, my children loved this book, but it does have some suspenseful, scary moments. My youngest is ten; I personally wouldn't read it to children younger than her, but then every child and family is different. That said, we are all looking forward to reading the next two books in this series, Dandelion Fire and The Chestnut King!

My projects this week included continued work on the crocheted baby blanket I started last week, making up a variety of crocheted rosette brooches that will be given as graduation gifts and maybe even listed on my Etsy. As far as knitting goes, I'm working on yet another baby shower gift, this time for one of my nieces who is expecting a baby girl this summer. I've got the booties knitted, but now I need to sew on the fleece soles. When finished they'll look like this:

I'm thinking of knitting up a sun hat or bonnet to match the booties, but haven't decided which it will be. Her baby shower is coming up quickly, so I'll have to figure that out asap!

So, what are you reading? What's on your hook or needles?

Also sharing at Fiber Arts Monday and Crafty Friday!


  1. Very cute projects! Knitting quickies are fun. It feels good to finish up, ready to begin anew.


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