Monday, May 9, 2011

Planting potatoes and moving chickens - or - How we spent a sunny spring day!

Spring has been s - l - o - w to come on around here. It's been unseasonably cool; keeping a fire going isn't something we've ever had to do in May! Weird. But, it is what it is, and so when the sun does come out from behind the clouds, we drop everything (even our homeschool book work!) to take advantage of the warmth of the sun on our arms and faces and soak up a little vitamin D. It's amazing what a mood lifter a sunny day can be!

Here's how we seized one such day last week - enjoy!

So thankful to see some growth on the apple trees we planted a couple years ago. We hadn't protected them from the local deer, and so we weren't sure whether they'd even bud out. Time to put up more fences...

The view looking south toward our garden. Not much growing here yet, but last year's strawberries and herbs have made an appearance - yeah!

A wider view of our agrarian experiment: Garden, fruit trees, bunny (fertilizer producer) and our chicken coop.

Soaking up the warm sunshine! Pippin does a great job of keeping down the local rodent population.

Just because...

Trillium. So beautiful!

Remember these? Time flies!

Chick moving day...

Welcome to your new home, little chickies! For the life of me, I can't remember what breed these white hens are, but even though they're not very cute, they were free!

They were not very happy...

Amazing how they instinctively climb onto the perch!

They settled down after the Papa made them cozy by laying down a bed of straw.

Farmer girl planting potatoes...

We're looking forward to a harvest of Yukon gold, russet, red, and white potatoes - Lord willing!


Farmer boy pushing the mower around the lawn for the first time this year. Rather than bagging the grass clippings, Daniel is wisely leaving them to mulch our needy lawn.

Anna turns cartwheels for me as I try out the "sports action" feature of our new camera.

She doesn't have great form, but she's happy in Dole Valley. :)



  1. Oh, how fun! Everything looks great! Love the chickens. I cant believe how fast ours are growing. Looking forward to that first egg. And your garden is fabulous!

    I look forward to following your blog!

  2. Megen, Thanks for stopping by. We've got older hens that are laying (they're a year old already). The new ones take several months before they lay, but freshly laid eggs are worth waiting for -- enjoy! Blessings, ~Lisa


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