Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm not really fond of change...

Have you ever had one of those mornings when things just seemed to pile up and not go according to plan? That's what happened to me this very morning... And it'll have to be ok since I know the Lord is in control. :)

First of all, if you're here, you can see that things look just a little bit different. It's quite a shock to log on to post something and find your background has gone AWOL. A quick phone call to my daughter for help (thanks, Jess!) and I was quickly able to choose a temporary background. I'm really not all that fond of change and because of that have been putting off updating things around here -- looks like the time has presented itself. God's timing is always perfect, don't you know.

All of this to say, please bear with me. Because I'm not the most technologically savvy blogger here in blogland, nor do I have a lot of free time to dedicate here, it may take me a while and the changes will likely be incremental.

With a temporary fix in place, I'm off to pick raspberries with my kiddos.

Have a happy Friday!


  1. Looks sooo pretty here. I am feeling a need of sprucing up too. I will have to play around with things when things are calmer but when?

    I hope you got lots of big plump raspberries!

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  2. Yes, but when!! Excellent question. :)

  3. It looks nice Lisa. Good job!

  4. Anonymous8/01/2011

    I'm not very good friends with change either.

    Your background looks great! It's very soft and feminine.

  5. Thank you! The new background is starting to grow on me...


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