Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On my needles... Knitted Cowl

In the midst of an overly busy past couple of days, I've been sneaking in a little knitting here and there and am just about finished with my second knitted cowl (pattern here). I love the colors and stripes of the yarn and am happy they showed up truer in today's photos than the last time I shared about this project.

I'm still working on my daughter's scarf and hope to share my progress with you next week. :) Hopefully, I'll also be able to share what I've been doing with these picture frames. (I know, it's not very nice of me to keep you waiting, is it?)

Time for reading has been even more sparse than for knitting (I get a lot of my knitting in while Dan is driving since we live 32 miles outside of town). The few moments I've had to stick my nose in a book I've used in seeking affirmation and encouragement from Health for Godly Generations and A Charlotte Mason Companion:

The homemaker can take time to give utmost attention to the nutrition of her family; indeed, that task is integral to this vocational description. Time is required to grow or search out wholesome food at economical prices, to manage the resources and freshness of the pantry's stock, to plan ahead for meal preparation and to satisfy a growing family. A large responsibility, the making of healthful meals is a weighty matter worthy of the best planning. A woman has the unique ability to direct her family's tastes so that they all come to enjoy wholesome food. ~Renee DeGroot

My children have learned much of what others say they are supposed to know, but more importantly, they have been learning what I wanted them to know and they have explored on their own within my safe hedge of guidance. I have learned to understand the balance of keeping to a schedule and holding to a structure while allowing for all the wonderful "unscheduled" learning experiences that can feasibly be accomplished. ~Karen Andreola (Emphasis mine -- oh, how I wish I could say I have truly learned this!)

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  1. Anonymous10/06/2011

    Your knitted project looks lovely. I love the color combinations that you used. Of course, this may sound silly, but I'm not sure what a cowl is. My inquiring mind wishes to know. :)

    You know, I had forgotten all about those picture frames until you reminded us. So, yeah, why are you keeping us waiting young lady? Tee hee. :)

    Those quotes you shared were great, but the last one is my favorite. :)

  2. Madame, A cowl is a garment much like a scarf except it's also like a loose-fitting turtle neck to keep your neck warm. It can be pulled up in front to cover the mouth and nose in particularly cool weather or even pulled up in the back and worn to warm the head. Clever, huh?

    Young lady?? Oh my, you've made my day. :)

    Blessings, ~Lisa

  3. Oh your handiwork is sooooooo lovely. I keep thinking about my cowl that I want to knit so very much. It will happen I am getting closer to finishing my slouch hat. A stitch here and a stitch there and soon it will be done. I still think you are a much faster knitter than me by the looks of how you are cranking things out. [o=

    I too wished I could say that I accomplished that kind of balance. I will keep working on it and I am going to pull out my CM Companion after Nov. 19th ! I can just imagine it. Sipping tea and have my knitting near buy and reading snippets here and there. That sounds wonderful to me.

    Praying blessings on you day. (((HUGS)))
    In Him<><

  4. The cowl is lovely.

    I enjoyed the quotes that you posted. There are many ways that we can shore up the health of our families. Vaccines are not the only line of defense. I personally believe that vaccines should be minimized and used with great care.

  5. Mary - We're in this together! Let's keep each other accountable. :) And thanks for your kind words about my knitting...if only I could have a day, no, a weekend! to sit by the fire and knit. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

    Carol - Thanks. :) I'm with you on the vaccines. That book you mentioned in your Y.A. post sounds interesting.

    Blessings, friends! ~Lisa

  6. The cowl is beautiful - the colors and the pattern.

  7. Your cowl looks lovely, the ripple pattern really shows thoe colours.....or is it the other way? Loving it.

  8. I like the colors in your yarn!


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