Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sourdough Starter {tips and links}

I'm excited to share that the sourdough starter I started last Saturday morning is doing quite well. So well, in fact, that we made whole wheat sourdough waffles for breakfast this morning! (That's scrambled eggs w/ sausage next to the waffles...just in case you're wondering.) :)  Anyway, the waffles had a most subtle sour flavor to them -- we all agreed that they were quite good and that we'll definitely be making these for breakfast again.
It will be a couple more weeks until my starter is mature enough to try bread baking with it, but in the meantime, I'll continue feeding it twice daily and allowing it to do its thing on my kitchen counter. Using the discarded starter from each feeding (well maybe not each feeding, but occasionally), I'll be trying sourdough muffins and pancakes as well as sourdough English muffins. Yum!

Several of you had questions about starting a sourdough starter of your own, so I'm sharing links to the pages I've found the most helpful:

First is a video at GNOWFGLINS explaining the how, what and why of a sourdough starter in the most simple and plain language -- you'll feel like you're sitting in science class. :)  After watching the video, scroll down to the "you can do it" section where you'll find a link to download a free chapter of the GNOWFGLINS' sourdough e-course (or simply click here); this sample chapter will take you step-by-step through the process of making your very own starter. This is the method I used to start mine this time, and although I've not baked bread with it yet, my starter looks like it's well on the way to being a productive one. :) 

Second is another post from GNOWFGLINS on the feeding and using of your sourdough starter (with yet another video). This is a good post to take a look at after you've got your starter going. Be sure to read through the comments at the bottom for further tips.

Third is a post from Whole Foods on a Budget where Christy is sharing all about sourdough in her "Sour Saturdays" series. In this post she shares lots of good info about how to "keep" your starter once it's established.

Last is another informative video about feeding your starter only this time it's from Cultures for Health.

Hope these links are helpful to you all. I'd love to know if any of you get a starter going and what you plan to make with it. Happy baking!




  1. You have inspired me to start sourdough as well and it is actually working! Through some research, I have even found out that even white sourdough bread is more easily digestible and bioavailable that whole wheat yeast bread! Thanks for the great post!

    1. Thanks for sharing! Kathy, I'm hoping you'll share your research over on your blog.
      Blessings, ~Lisa

  2. Congratulations my friend!

    My hubby doesn't like sourdough, so this is not something I'll be trying...but it is so good to see others do it :)

    Be at peace today...


  3. Anonymous2/27/2012

    Wow! Thanks for sharing. We love breads of all kinds and I'm going to "read" up while I'm down. Maybe I'll be armed with enough knowledge to get started when I'm allowed up.


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