Saturday, April 14, 2012

50 before 50 update (finally...)

It's been seven and a half months since I posted my 50 before 50 list here on the blog, and I've updated exactly ZERO times. Sad, I know. Thankfully, I accomplished #37 a couple weekends ago (which I shared about here), and lest you think I'd forgotten about my list, let me assure that I haven't. Although I've accomplished only two of my goals thus far, I'm actively working on several of them behind the scenes (#s 1, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 23, 27, 38, and 50).

Goals such as #4 - "travel to Europe" and #41 - "ride through the Chunnel" depend on our being able to raise and save the money. Being a one-income family makes this a lofty goal, but we're working on it. Why Europe, you ask? It was last fall that our daughter and son-in-law moved to Oxford, England, where Zack is pursuing his doctorate. The thought of not seeing them until he graduates and they return to the states is, well, simply unbearable. However, I know that while we make our plans, the Lord will certainly direct our steps -- both of these goals are "Lord willing in 2013!"

And because I reserved the right to edit my list when I published it, I'm officially changing #25, 39 & 47 -- just being realistic. :)

1. Read through the entire Bible
2. Climb Silver Star
3. Climb Mount St. Helens
4. Travel to Europe
5. Visit the Creation Museum
6. Drive across the U.S. with my family
7. Meet in person at least one friend from "blogland"
8. Visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty
9. Take a writing class
10. Write an E-book (on ??? -- maybe a Muffin Monday collection?)
11. Take an art class
12. Bake the perfect loaf of sourdough bread
13. Make homemade wine
14. Watch all three LOTR movies in one day
15. Finish and publish my knitting and crochet patterns
16. Take a weekend backpacking trip
17. Successfully grow and harvest corn in Dole Valley  [we had an excellent harvest in Sept. 2011!]
18. Butcher a homegrown chicken and cook it for dinner
19. Raise a beef cow (is that the right way to say that?)
20. Own a couple goats for milk and milk them myself
21. Milk a cow
22. Make homemade tomato sauce and can it
23. Lead a Titus 2 Bible study
24. Chop down a tree
25. Raise bees on our property and harvest the honey is now swing an ax and chop firewood :)
26. Sew this jacket and this skirt
27. Add to our family economy with my Etsy and holiday bazaars
28. Finish knitting the lacy shawl I started years ago
29. Sew a quilt
30. Take piano lessons
31. Relearn to play the recorder
32. Crochet a fancy bedspread for my bed
33. Volunteer at Options 360 (local crisis pregnancy center)
34. Dine at the Space Needle
35. Learn to shoot a gun
36. Shoot a deer; fill my freezer with venison
37. Bake an angel food cake from scratch [3/24/12 -- thanks, M!]
38. Make a homemade mayonnaise my family really likes
39. Ride a boogie board someplace warm and sunny First I'll plan to lose 30 pounds :)
40. Dry all my laundry on a clothesline
41. Ride through the Chunnel
42. See the northern lights
43. Identify ten major constellations
44. Take my kids on the roller coasters at Kennywood!!
45. Attend a wine tasting
46. Attend a Steelers game. In Pittsburgh.
47. Master dutch oven cooking is now a more realistic: learn to cook using my dutch ovens
48. Write/compile a family history for my children
49. Ride a horse
50. Speak publicly (yikes!) [this is coming next month -- pray for me!]


I hope that those of you who stop by here regularly won't mind or be offended if I use this venue, on occasion, to raise a little money toward our "Oxford Fund." I've added a few affiliate links on my sidebar and humbly ask that if find yourself in need of anything from the websites I'm proud to be working with, you'd support us by shopping through our links. Oh, and if you're interested in being a sponsor here on the blog, please contact me by email. Thanks. :)

With gratitude,

~Lisa :)

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  1. I do like your making goals and your striving-that is what we must always do-keep things before us that we'd like to attain. Makes you remember and persevere. (Maybe the better thing would be to just change "50" to "60"-lol!!!)

    Prayer request: my hubby had his 3rd heart cath yesterday (and he is only 61)...please pray for his continued recovery!! Thanks, Lisa!

    1. Persevering is just what I was thinking of when I updated're reading my thoughts, my friend. :) Will definitely keep your dh in my prayers. Thanks for dropping in, Pamela.

      Blessings to you and yours, ~Lisa

  2. Well now that I have read them, I feel that it is almost like a bucket list :) Are these 50 goals for this year? Remember, take it one day at a time...

    Peace be with you my friend,


    1. Well, not quite a bucket list...I have a year and a half before I turn 50. :) One day at a time indeed!

      Blessings, ~Lisa

  3. How exciting! :) I love the changes! Talk to you soon! I love you my friend! J.

    1. Thanks, Jeanne. :) Looking forward to getting together soon! ~L

  4. Looks like you are marking them off pretty quickly to me.

    Good luck on the public speaking. I have to honestly admit that isn't my favorite thing to


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