Saturday, April 28, 2012

A little progress... {Garden Journal #5}

While we had gorgeous weather last weekend (we hit 82F on Sunday!), our days were scheduled with tasks that kept us from accomplishing very much around our place. In between helping with a wedding rehearsal dinner for a friend's son, helping with a move, and attending a wedding, we did manage to get a little bit done in the garden.

Even though we weren't able to accomplish all our goals for this past week, we didn't do too badly. I did transplant my seedlings into larger pots, and my men found the time to build both the new raised beds we planned on. However, our flower bed remains as it was; Lord willing, we'll find the time to divide and move some plants next week. I am excited to see my blue bells blooming despite the fact that the deer munched on their greenery earlier in the season. Pesky deer. Any advice you might have to share with me would be much appreciated. My romaine and spinach seedlings didn't make it out to the garden as planned, but they are in the process of being hardened off out on our front porch. They'll go into the garden next to the green leaf lettuce in the photo below (these are the plants my dad gave me a couple weeks ago -- I think it's time for some homegrown salad!). 


Our strawberry patch is looking promising. :)  Love freshly picked strawberries! Can't wait.


Peas have sprouted, but a hen got into the garden and dug up about 1/4 of this row (naughty hen); I put a few more seeds in the ground on Wednesday and hope they'll sprout.


Here's one of the new raised beds my guys built; tomatoes will go here. Don't know why I didn't take a picture of the other one...


Apple blossoms! Our cherry trees are also in bloom!

This week's plans? Lord willing we'll get to the flower bed this week. Spinach and romaine starts will be ready to be moved to the garden for sure. Hopefully, my Territorial order will arrive so that I can get some of my warm weather crop seeds started. And we'll have to make a dent in the weeds that will surely take over unless we take care of them now (surely you noticed them in the photo of the new raised bed).

In closing, I'll leave you with a photo of our seven little kittens. They're growing so quickly -- their eyes are opening! So sweet. :)

Happy gardening!

Lisa :)


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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Your raised beds look wonderful! Great progress!
    We have had problems with deer in our garden too, and we tried everything we could think of - until we started throwing eggs shells into the garden. Apparently, deer can't stand the smell of eggs. No more deer problems. :)
    Many blessings!

  2. Wow, look at all that spring'ness happening at your place! In some ways we are behind you and other was we are the same. I really need to get out there and plant our peas. Hubby has been very busy getting the raised beds all prepped. I was trying very hard to not covet your lettuce. I think I need to go check out my lettuce bed and see how they are doing. I am dreaming of a good salad.

    I hope you are having lots of fun this week end.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  3. garden is looking good!

    I love raised beds (yeah, I know, you couldn't tell! LOL)


  4. Your garden looks wonderful, Lisa! We have had so much rain here I've not really been able to do much with mine, but hopefully soon...

    Those kittens are absolutely gorgeous!!

  5. Anonymous4/29/2012

    Looks like the garden is coming along quite well! I used to always look forward to the first tomatoes to come from the garden the most of

  6. It looks like your spring... has sprung! Things are beginning to look a bit promising here too.
    *the deer in my post were actually spotted on our way to a friend's house, though we have been know to have an occasional deer in our downtown yard! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Oh those kittens are too much! So sweet. I don't envy your deer problems--living in the city, that's one issue we don't have to deal with. I've heard that predator urine (including human!) can deter them...not sure if it actually works! Our peas have been chomped on, too-by slugs and birds, and we just replanted. Here's hoping! Blessings on all your growing things...

  8. Thanks for commenting on my workroom post- so glad to know I'm not alone in my piles of junk. :-)

    You've got a lot of great information here- right up my alley! Your garden is so lovely- neat and tidy - do you just place straw over the weeds or do you put a barrier down first (thinking of your new bed area)? I'm constantly fighting aggressive weeds here. Ugh.

    I hope you'll share more of your tips with us at the Tuesday Garden Party!

    1. Jami, The husband weeded inside the new raised bed yesterday before laying down wire mesh (to keep out pests from underneath) and filling it with new garden soil. We don't put down a weed barrier in our raised beds themselves; the straw goes around them (over newspaper that is put down first) to keep down the weeds that like to grow there. This is the first year we've tried this method, and although we're seeing some weeds coming through, so far it's not nearly as many as in past years. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment; thanks for the invite! ~Lisa


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