Friday, May 4, 2012

Crazy busy...

Time flies, does it not? Things have been crazy busy around here this week. How it got to be Friday, I'm not quite sure.

We're wrapping up our history co-op this week and next, so end-of-the-year festivity planning is in full swing. Because Christendom (the Middle Ages) is such a fun time period to study, it's a little sad to see it coming to a close. We'll be celebrating with a Medieval Feast (modern American style, of course) next week, Lord willing. Planning for that along with studying for my upcoming talk on joy (which was bumped up a week to this Saturday morning rather than the following weekend) had me scrambling a bit to get it all done.

By His grace, all is indeed planned, written, and ready (why, oh why, do I doubt & worry??), and the rest of my "to-do" list for the week wasn't entirely neglected despite the whirlwind (and sick kids). If all goes as planned, today and tomorrow should both unfold at a slower pace, but one can never know what a day (or weekend) will bring.

I know, I know, count it all joy...


  1. I pray that the slower pace of life comes for you as hoped. Savor it and I have a pin for you [o=...

    I know you know this already but I wanted to confirm it.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

    1. Yes! Subtraction is always a good thing! It's just that all the sudden my week became so busy because of the switch; thankfully, the Lord enabled me to persevere and finish everything that need my attention. Thanks for the encouragement, Mary! Only one more week to go... :)

  2. Enjoy the slower pace~I hear there's supposed to be sunshine! :)

    1. Sunshine!! It's supposed to be in the mid-80s for Mother's Day -- woohoo!


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