Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2012 projects update & that lacy red scarf...

Since here it is the first day of summer and we're just about halfway through the year, I figured it was time to took take a look at my knitting and crochet goals for the year to see just how I'm doing...

Of the three yarns in this photo, I've only completed one project...but one is better than none, right?

Project #1 completed: Felted wool slippers with a Celtic flair for my sweet daughter-in-law. :)

These adult slippers haven't been touched since my post in January...

Nor has this UFO seen the light of day...

Daniel's vest re-do was successful. :)

Finally, remember this?

I'm so happy to finally have a photo to share all the way from the U.K.!! (Thanks, Jess!) Pardon me while a muse a bit... Seeing a photo of my daughter wearing something I knit for her somehow makes the reality of how far away she is so much more real. I simply can't imagine life without Skype. Love you and miss you, Jess. :)
My lovely daughter Jessica in the U.K. For more scarf sightings click here. :)

All in all, three out of seven projects isn't too bad, is it? My plan to not purchase any new yarn was a complete fail, but I've decided what an unrealistic goal that actually was. In order to finish my four remaining projects, I'm thinking I should actually keep them out (ya think?) and work on them one at a time, alternating them with new projects like the crocheted poncho I want to finish for myself.

I'd love to hear any advice you all might have for how you stick to project goals without being distracted by new ones. I'd also love to know what projects you're working on, but then again, I might be enticed to start something new...   :)

Happy stitching!


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  1. Never before has a WIP post resonated so deeply with me. I, too, have objects that haven't seen the light of day in ages. Maybe one day I'll do a brutally honest WIP post... (I think I have 15 projects on the needles right now!)

  2. For me, it helps to report on my goals regularly (weekly) on my blog. It helps keep me accountable to myself since I have to fess up to the world about my progress. I am part of Year of Projects on Ravelry (in the Come Blog A Long group), and that has helped me a lot since we all provide moral support for each other.

    Your daughter looks great in that scarf!

  3. Anonymous6/20/2012

    I have to say, that I feel good about seeing your UFO's, since I have quite a bit of the same...but this year, I promised myself to finish each one before starting anything new :)

    Your daughter looks lovely Lisa...just like her mommy :)


  4. Those felted MaryJanes are absolutely fantastic. I've been mooning over that pattern for a while but my fear of felting has been holding me back. And yes, it's nice to see the knitwear being warn and appreciated. It's a lovely colour on your daughter!

  5. Love your projects especially the slippers! enjoyed the picture of your daughter in the UK, I too have a daughter Jessica in London. Can't wait until she comes back to the states in August!

  6. I, too have the habit of not finishing my knitting. I had the idea to keep my knitting bag in the living room, where we spend our evenings,so I would remember to do it while unwinding the day. Oh wow, I just remembered the shirts I still have to finish sewing for my boyfriend and his brother! Obviously, this tactic didn't work for me...I think a good way is to find a time every day to sit down and map out the things you would like to accomplish, then go through the list and check the things off as you complete them.

    Luana ola!

  7. Those slippers are so cute! I wish I could make some.

  8. I don't crochet (yet) but I do have other projects and I find keeping them out helps me remember they need to be done. I also keep a list near my work station so I can look what projects I should be working on.

  9. Oh my goodness! I'm simply overwhelmed at all the wonderful comments and advice! Thank you, thank you so much. :) It's good to know I'm the only one who struggles with a yarn habit... Blessings to each of you! ~Lisa :)

  10. Anonymous6/20/2012

    I'm not able to comment on multiple projects with a straight face -- because I'm guilty, too. :-) One thing that I do find helps me is to actually keep one big project going and work on smaller pieces while I'm working on the larger one. I get bored with the same thing over and over and that breaks up the work leaving me much more likely to finish the big pieces.

  11. You completed one project. This is great. I always go with the idea of rewarding and going step by step.

  12. Just remember, you are wayyyyyyyyyy ahead of many when it comes to completing least your UFO's are recognizable as what they're going to be, LOL!

    Thanks for the head's up on the lav. soaps, I can't wait!!! I'm using ZUM's almond bars, they smell delicious, but still dry my skin out too much.


  13. The scarf is gorgeous, and so is your daughter. I'm afraid I can't give you any advice, especially since I'm notorious for starting a new project when I'm over halfway finished with the previous project. I do find that keeping my knitting in a basket in the living room helps. That way, it's accessible. I'm thankful my daughter doesn't mess with my knitting too much.

  14. Wow - everything looks wonderful. Your felted slippers look really cosy.
    I have no tips on how to stay on a project - I'm terrible for starting new things and not finishing anything!


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