Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A gallery of gratitude...

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks;
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
~I Thessalonians 5:16-18

For freshly picked romaine.
And strawberries. Finally!
For skills learned at swimming lessons.
For an unexpected letter from a sweet, sweet young lady. :)
(yes, I was smiling...)
And an artistic thank you note from her equally sweet sister. :)
For the joy of spending the day at the Amboy Logging Show,
& for the tug-of-war:
Loggers vs. the kids.
For future men. Ready to pull that rope.
For the show put on by the loggers.
They lost the tug-of-war, by the way.
They always do. :)
And for our three remaining kittens photographed by the talented AnnaLynn. 
When I consider the multitude of blessings I enjoy on a daily basis, I am sometimes overwhelmed. That our merciful and generous God provides food from the smallest of seeds to nourish our bodies as well as to delight our taste buds is a marvel to me. That bodies can be trained to skillfully move through the water (and that women in their 70s are willing to teach them) is indeed a blessing. That the Lord is pleased to give us friends brings tears to my eyes -- it is good to know and be known. T & J, we're looking forward to Centralia. :)  L & L, we're thankful to have spent last Saturday in Amboy with you and your beautiful children.

And the kittens? They're a blessing, too.

However many blessings we expect from God, His infinite liberality will always exceed all our wishes and our thoughts.
~John Calvin

How about you? What are you thankful for today?


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  1. Anonymous7/17/2012

    Lovely photos, Lisa~ and lovely thoughts.

    MMMMM-those kittens! Squeeze them for me!

    I'm grateful that Almighty God is sovereign.

    1. As am I! Have a blessed day, Pamela! ~Lisa

  2. Anonymous7/17/2012

    What a beautiful life you have been gifted my friend :)

    1. All by the grace of God. SDG! ~Lisa

  3. Love this post. And today I'm really thankful to wake up. That sounds cliche, but I did not have the best dream and was ready for the night to be over. Praise God!

    1. Thanks, Jenn. God is good all the time, especially to wake us in the midst of a bad dream.

      Blessings! ~Lisa

  4. Miss Lisa!
    trying to catch up after being away from the computer stuff for so long= love the pictures and the reminder to be thankful in all things: great and small


    1. Karen!! Good to hear from you. :) I need to stop by and see what you've been up to my long-lost friend! ~Lisa

  5. Anonymous7/18/2012

    God has certainly brought you many blessings! The lettuce and strawberries look yummy! Now, send some through your computer screen so I can eat them, ha, ha! :)

    Today, I am thankful for the fact that God is patient and merciful with me, even when I through a "temper tantrum" on my off days. I'm also thankful that I'm able to get into a few more of my clothing items that I couldn't wear before. Yes! :)

    1. We just did a study on patience... Thanks be to God that He IS patient even when we're not. Congrats on the wardrobe reward to your new eating plan! Keep up the great work!!

      Blessings, ~Lisa

  6. You are ohhhhhhhh so very blessed! Oh look how pretty that lettuce and strawberries are. I am drooling my friend. Our strawberries are coming to an end and the raspberries are ju....st starting, thank you Lord. It was so fun to see all those neat pics of what is going on in your world. ((HUGS))

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC!

  7. PS: I loved getting to see the kiddos such summer fun and those kittens are soooo cute! [o=


  8. Mary, Thanks for leaving a comment! We are indeed blessed, and we give all praise to the Lord for His goodness to us. Enjoy those raspberries...the starts we planted withered in our May heatwave and are no more. Lord willing, we'll be gifted more from my sister and can try again. Happy harvesting!! ~Lisa


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