Monday, August 20, 2012

Whole Wheat Blackberry Muffins {Muffin Monday #66}

Although I'm still officially on my blog break, I just had to jump in today to share our latest muffin deliciousness with you all! It's blackberry season here in the great northwest, so AnnaLynn and I spent some time picking berries early one morning last week. We wound up with enough for a batch of blackberry-blueberry jam (sooo good!), a few to nibble on, and saved a cup with which to do a little baking. These whole wheat blackberry muffins are just sweet enough to balance the slightly tart flavor of the berries -- you simply must try them!

Whole Wheat Blackberry Muffins
makes 12 delicious muffins

2.5 c.whole wheat pastry flour
1/2 c. sugar (we recommend organic cane sugar or Rapadura)
2 t. aluminum free baking powder
1/4 t. baking soda
1/4 t. sea salt
1 egg
1 c. cultured buttermilk
1 t. real vanilla extract
1/2 c. butter, coconut oil, or a combination of the two, melted over low heat
1 c. blackberries (or other berries)

Preheat oven to 375F and either line muffin tin with paper baking cups or lightly grease pan using coconut oil. Measure dry ingredients into a large bowl and stir together with a whisk; set aside.

Crack egg into a medium bowl and lightly beat. Stir in buttermilk and vanilla, then slowly whisk in melted butter/coconut oil until blended. Add wet mixture to dry ingredients stirring until just a bit of the flour mixture is left; gently fold in blackberries being careful to not over mix your muffins. Using an ice cream scoop, evenly fill prepared muffin cups. Lightly sprinkle some sugar on top of each muffin if desired. :)

Bake until lightly golden brown, 15 - 20 minutes (ours took 18 minutes); check with a toothpick to be sure they're done! Cool slightly then remove from pan to cool on a wire rack.

Bon appetit!

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Lord willing, I'll be back to a normal blogging schedule next Monday. In the meanwhile, I'm enjoying organizing our school room and finishing up lesson planning for the fall, tending our garden (green beans and cukes are coming on!), working on a variety of projects both inside and outside the house, sewing a new swimsuit for Anna (yes, I know, it's kinda late in the summer for this...), and, most importantly, getting ready for a weekend getaway with Dan to celebrate our 20th anniversary!! God is good! Hope you're enjoying these last days of summer vacation, my friends. See you next week,


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  1. Anonymous8/21/2012

    If I could find fresh pesticide free blackberries, I'd stuff myself! Kidding aside, these muffins look great. I suppose I could sub. red raspberries...not too sure if I can find the blackberries! We just discovered that my husband is gluten intolerant (along with 2 of my grands (diff. families!) and my I have some adjusting to do! It's really hard to get them so they don't weigh out like rocks! Thanks, Lisa--they look so yummy!

    1. Thanks, Pamela. :) So sorry to hear about your family members' gluten intolerance. I've got a few local friends who have the same and have gotten quite good at subbing ingredients and adjusting their cooking/baking. No pesticide free berries? Yikes! Raspberries (or any other berry) would work in these muffins, so go ahead and sub away! Blessings, ~Lisa

    2. Pamela,

      We've had good results from the "Magic Muffins" recipe at They're called "magic" because they have so many variations. One favorite of ours is to use 1 c fresh-squeezed lemon juice for the liquid, and add a cup of freshly picked blueberries (or frozen berries work, too).


    3. Jean, Thanks for passing on your tip for gluten free muffins! :)

  2. Anonymous8/21/2012

    yum! They sound really good.

  3. What fun! Your muffin recipes look so yummy. I'll have to try some of your variations with our GF flour mix.

    Can you believe that summer has whizzed by so fast?

    1. Please let us know how they turn out, Jean. Do you have a link to your gluten free mix? I'd be happy to link to it in future recipes if you wouldn't mind. :)

  4. Perfect!! I'm going blackberry picking this week!

  5. I have never made muffins with black berries, which is odd because they are my favorite berry. Thanks for the inspiration!


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