Sunday, December 2, 2012

What is the meaning of this?

With the turning of the calendar page to December, the countdown to Christmas has officially begun.

Sparkling lights already adorn our roof line and front porch posts thanks to a marathon light-hanging Saturday by Dan and Daniel. This afternoon we'll unpack our Advent wreath and place it in its customary position on our dining table to remind us that this season is, after all, about His coming -- the fulfillment of God's promise long ago. [more here]

please enjoy this repost from Dec. 2010...

It has occurred to me of late how the way we prepare for, anticipate, and celebrate Advent & Christmas can serve as a means of witness to the world around us.

Maybe it's a neighbor who wonders why we would string lights on our house when it's so deep in the woods that very few people will ever see them. Maybe it's a family member who has lost sight of why it is that we celebrate Christmas to begin with.

Why do we light Advent candles? Why do we decorate a tree? Why do we exchange gifts? Why do we bake cookies and fill platters full of treats to share with one another? Why do we feast? What is the meaning of all this?

Are we being wasteful, gluttonous, extravagant? They might think so if they don't get it. And many, many don't.

What do your neighbors see? What does your family see? We, above all people, have reason to celebrate and rejoice! Let's be sure that joy and love and generosity is what the watching world sees. And when we are asked, "What is the meaning of this?" we can tell them. :)

A recent Nancy Wilson post inspired this one; here's the link. Go read it, then go celebrate the Advent of our Lord!!


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