Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mr. Pipes, latest knits, new yarn & a crochet along
{tending my yarn garden}

The kids and I recently finished reading Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers and have moved on to what is actually book three in Doug Bond's Mr. Pipes series, Mr. Pipes Comes to America. The Mr. Pipes series is truly an excellent way to introduce your children (and yourself!) to many different hymns and hymn writers from the various periods of church history. We've been enjoying these as history read-alouds and highly recommend them! (To see what else we're currently reading, click here.)

Fresh off my knitting needles and crochet hook are several knitted washcloths and crocheted rosettes that will be made into brooches (the brooches will be available over at my Etsy market later this week if you're interested...).

I've also been playing with a pattern for cabled mitts for the past couple of weeks and have only the thumb to add...these might be my first actual original completed pattern -- keeping my fingers crossed. :)  By the way, if you'd be interested in testing the pattern for me, let me know in the comments. Thanks!

This pink beauty which was made for a friend's baby shower is another of my knitted designs which I'm calling the Charlotte Bonnet. I'm working on finishing the writing of this one, too, and would love to have a volunteer pattern tester or two when the pattern is ready. :)

This, my friends, is a box of wonderfulness. You will have to wait to see what creations these beauties are knitted or crocheted into...

Crochet Along -- AnnaLynn and I have joined a granny square crochet along at little bird knits. The plan is to crochet one granny square each week (we're currently on week four) for 48 weeks and then to sew them all together when we're finished -- can't wait to see how all the squares will look when we're done. Click here to read all about it and to sign up! Hope you'll join us. :)

These are the five colors I'm using -- all are Wool Ease by Lion Brand (very Lisa colors).

And here are my first four squares...

And here are AnnaLynn's colors -- all Vanna's Choice by Lion Brand. Notice the difference between her color choices and mine? She loves all things bright while I prefer more subtle, muted shades.  :)

I don't have photos to share of Anna's squares yet, but I promise to share them soon! We've never joined in with at crochet along before, so we're both pretty excited!

So what's growing in your yarn garden? What books are you reading?
Please share in the comments and join me at Ginny's, Tami's & Jacqueline's!


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  1. Anna Lynn and I have the same taste in bold colors; I especially like the purple yarn.

    I'd be willing to test knit your pattern.

  2. That bonnet is just too cute!! :) Love you!


  3. love the granny square CAL: I might have to do that!

    I would love to help with the pattern testing! either/both - love both of the designs (you, my friend, are a very talented person!)


  4. Love the bonnet and the fingerless gloves! Beautiful yarn colors! I would love to test the patterns.

  5. Your projects are lovely! I would love to test knit your bonnet....I have a 23 month old that would look adorable in it! Love all those yummy yarn colors!!

  6. Anonymous1/30/2013

    Like the bonnet and the cabled mitts and would be happy test knit them :-)

  7. such a cute little bonnet!!! even I think I could manage one granny a week! THat's easily a finished cozy blanket by next winter!!! (we sure aren't needing cozy wools this winter---it's so mild!!) good idea---great inspiration!

  8. I love your mitts, they are looking great, if you are short of testers, I will gladly help out :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by and for the heads-up on the crochet along! I'll definitely have to join in :)


  10. Your squares look great. I especially like the granny in the corner one -- so unusual. I like your colors. How wise of you to limit your palette! ;) Your other items are wonderful too. I have never tried to make up my own pattern; you are clearly talented.

  11. All those gorgeous KnitPicks skeins make me want to order a box right now! :)

  12. Anonymous1/30/2013

    I so very much want to learn how to crochet those rosettes! My heart leaped when I saw the box of KnitPicks yarn and it isn't even mine! I just love it when I get a box full of yummy new yarn from them!

  13. love the darling baby bonnet!

  14. Anonymous1/30/2013

    thanks for stopping by my place today! goodness, you are a busy lady. love all the colors! and that bonnet is precious!

  15. I love the pattern on your fingerless mitts and the bonnet is adorable! How cool to be making your own patterns. You have so much yarn goodness going on. Thanks for visiting my link, too!

  16. Anonymous1/30/2013

    Lisa....the pattern for the mitts, share please :) Everything looks so lovely. :D

  17. Your crocheted rosettes are so sweet and feminine. I wear the red rose mailed to me.
    The cabled mitts are practical indoor-wear for the north east. It certainly was cold enough here indoors last week.
    Oh, I like the pink beauty. The pattern of stitches for this bonnet would be interesting to knit. I'm tempted to volunteer.
    Karen A.


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