Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happiness... {J.C. Ryle}

The plain truth is that without Christ there is no happiness in the world.

He alone can give the Comforter who abides forever.
He is the sun; without Him people never feel warm.
He is the light; without Him people are always in the dark.
He is the bread; without Him people are always starving.
He is the living water; without Him people are always thirsty.
Give them what you like, place them where you please,
surround them with all the comforts you can imagine,
it makes no difference.

Separate from Christ, the Prince of Peace, a person cannot be happy.

~ J.C. Ryle

It's been a while since I shared something from Ryle; this is one of my favorites. :)

Have a blessed Palm Sunday,


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  1. Beautiful! He's one of favorites as well!

  2. Wonderful truth from Ryle...we enjoyed his writings, too. A blessed Palm Sunday, and coming week to you, as well!

  3. This is so true, we are nothing without HIM.

  4. Thanks, friends, for commenting. :) Hoping your Lord's day was filled with joy and happiness! ~Lisa :)

  5. Anonymous3/25/2013

    Love it!

  6. Anonymous4/07/2013

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