Saturday, May 11, 2013

a wow moment & a whoa moment...
{Saturday morning latte}

Saturday morning latte is a time to ponder, to reflect, to record the week's blessings. Why? Because time so quickly & easily slips by, and I don't want to forget or neglect to give thanks.

I plan to use this space to record each week's happenings, blessings, and thoughts. If you want to join me, write a post of your own and leave a link in the comments. : )

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The wow moment...

Weather has been unseasonably warm for the past week or two here in Dole Valley. Trying to keep to the tasks at hand is difficult when the sun is shining and the garden is calling, but the kids and I did manage to take advantage of the beautiful weather to venture down our country road to climb an old logging road. The view was gorgeous and the time stolen from responsibility was time well taken.

The "whoa" moment came while making our way back down. Actually, I had several of them. First of all, stepping down from a log, I slipped on a small branch that rolled right out from under my foot (I was moving along so gingerly up to this point...). The result was that I fell hard onto my back side; my back smacking onto said log -- "ouch" is insufficient to describe how it felt. Thankfully, Daniel was right behind me and was able to help me up. Of course AnnaLynn, who was in the lead, ran back to see how she could help. All I could think was how embarrassed I was and how I needed to get up off my behind. :)  Throughout the remainder of our hike, which, by the way, included stops to capture photos of the trillium and wild iris above, my thoughts wandered from how out of shape my almost-50-year-old-body is (whoa) to "I so hope my back isn't really hurt" (thankfully, it's fine) to how much I love spending time like this with my kids (whoa!!). I love being a mom.

Wishing you all a happy mother's day,


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  1. Anonymous5/11/2013

    Oh my sweet friend...are you alright? It is fun to go about the mountains but when you fall, or trip, well, I am reminded that I am not as young as I once used to be :(

    Thank you for sharing your hike with me this is a glorious place you live!

    Have a blessed Mother's Day Lisa!!!


    1. Thanks, Maria, and a blessed Mother's Day to you as well! I am just fine now although I was sore for a couple days and had trouble sleeping. I am truly thankful I was seriously injured!

  2. Dear Lisa,
    The fact that you can hike up hills with your children and enjoy the expansive scenery must mean that you are in good shape. People of all ages slip from time to time. I hope you recover well. I was told that a heat pack on a bruise aids in healing.
    I planted a trillium root piece in our garden/woods two autumns ago and it is flowering right now in a deep purple. I must photograph it for it is this flower that has inspired the colors in my next knitting pattern - deep purple and 2 greens. Thanks for the photos. Happy Mother's Day,
    Karen A.

    1. Karen, you are too kind. One always know the truth about one's physical condition, and while I'm not woefully out of shape, I know I'm not in the shape I would like to be. Thankfully, I am fine after my fall, and thankfully, we have lots and lots of trails within walking distance of our front door to keep me active this summer!

      I recently heard on our local Saturday morning garden radio show that trillium are best transplanted in July; AnnaLynn has spied several around our property, so I'm hopeful that we'll be able to rediscover them in another two months for transplanting. Hearing about your success gives me hope! :)

      Hope you'll share your knitting...the colors sound lovely. Thanks for visiting, ~Lisa

  3. Anonymous5/11/2013

    I'm so glad you weren't badly hurt - I know well that embarrassed feeling (and I'm ten years behind you, so I feel like I should be in better shape!) It looks so lovely where you are! xo

    1. Thanks for visiting, Meghann. It is beautiful here -- we love it! Happy mother's day wishes to you. :)


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