Thursday, May 23, 2013


You know the song...

Anticipation, anticipa-a-tion is making me wait, it's keeping me wa-a-a-a-a-aiting.

It's been a while since I posted a garden or homestead update. I've taken many, many photos, but just haven't gotten around to posting them until now which really bugs me 'cause there's been lots going on in the garden. Sigh. The thing is that I love getting my hands dirty and working with my family to take dominion over this small acreage we've been blessed with. Seeing the fruits of our labor -- anticipating tasting the fruits of our labor -- makes all the work so worth it.

But even though we work, this seems to be a season for waiting: Waiting for the weather to warm up enough to put corn seed into the ground. Waiting for lettuces to produce enough leaves for a spring salad. Waiting for berries to ripen and flowers to open and herbs to fill our raised beds and planters. Waiting for the sun to come back and the cool rains to ease up. It was in the high 30s the other morning and only in the mid 50s throughout the week. My tomato plants? They're not liking this weather so much.

Other news from around the homestead:
  • we've decided to not raise a flock of meat chickens this year, the reason for which I cannot share at this time, but the reason is an exciting one I look forward to sharing in the not too distant future. 
  • our laying hens have taken to laying a little later in the day than usual, and we're not quite sure just why that is. That they're laying consistently is a good thing whatever time of day it is, and so we're thankful.
Summer plans include:
  • finishing our woodshed and moving all the wood piles scattered here and there in -- NO MORE TARPS!!
  • putting up a clothes line
  • finishing our back deck: trim boards and stairs
  • landscaping the back yard which includes planting a shade tree as well as a lawn
Lord willing, I'll post updates more frequently, but for now, this is it. Hope all is well around your homesteads!


PS: The hummingbird... so curious this fellow who has spent the past two days perched like this just outside my kitchen window. Just had to share. :)

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  1. Anonymous5/23/2013

    The beauty of gardening is really in the waiting and the patience one develops :) Your garden is lovely my friend...and so is your little hummingbird friend... m.

    1. Thanks for visiting as well as for the kind words, Maria. :)

  2. The garden is looking wonderful, my friend! What kind of tree is that in the fence in the back of the garden? We have been talking about planting some fruit trees in our yard as well.
    Am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you will harvest!

    Blessings for a wonderful weekend.


    1. Hi Karen! The tree is a semi-dwarf cherry tree; the fencing is due to the pesky deer population that likes to eat both my plants and my trees. Argh. We also have semi-dwarf apple and pear trees, but those are in front down by the veggie garden. Hope to get over and visit your updates soon. :) Blessings to you and yours! ~Lisa

  3. Love your garden and enjoyed visiting your Etsy shop!

  4. Your garden is looking so good already! I wish I had a greener thumb :)

    1. Thanks, Simona! Gardening isn't all that hard, it just takes consistency... Blessings upon your week, ~Lisa :)

  5. Ooh, everything is looking wonderful on your homestead.
    I like to think of this time less like waiting and more like refilling myself with hope - renewed optimism. That the leaves appear, then the flowers, the berries and eventually the eating... I find it all so comforting in the way it unfolds, so grounding.
    There is always so much to do outside, more improvements that can be made and it all feels like such worthy work.

    1. Oh, I like that -- renewed optimism!! Thanks much for the sweet comment, Hannah; have a great week! ~Lisa :)

  6. We have hummingbirds come an visit our fountain on our front deck. They will sit in the running water and take a bath. It is so fun to watch them. Your garden looks beautiful, thanks for sharing the update.

    1. Hummingbirds are the most curious of birds, at least to fun to watch! Thanks for visiting! ~Lisa


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