Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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The first day of summer is right around the corner just like the birth of our first grandbaby who is due tomorrow. So exciting. Say a pray for the mama-to-be if you would. :)

Cherries are in season, so AnnaLynn baked up a batch of the most amazing muffins -- chocolate cherry -- we'll share the recipe next Monday.

White, puffy cotton-ball clouds filled the sky today which made it nice to sit outside and do a little knitting, a gauge swatch for my soon-to-be-released mitt pattern (which I'm hoping to finish today or tomorrow...stay tuned!). Notice the green toes? I painted them just for fun; yep, I'm really into green...

The garden is growing like crazy! Green beans and carrots are up as is the corn. Tomatoes and pumpkins are beginning to flower, and blueberries and raspberries are developing! Our altitude and micro-climate here in the Cascade foothills puts both our flower and vegetable gardens up to three weeks behind our friends in Portland, Vancouver, and even Battle Ground, but we're ok with that.

Blessings from an impatient g'ma to be,


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  1. Ooh - what are those flowers in your fourth picture down? They're like little lanterns - very darling!

    My garden is much further behind yours - we're not quite at the growing like crazy stage, yet. Unless you count the weeds!

    Wishing your grandbaby has a smooth journey into the outside world x

    1. Fuchsias!! The variety I'm growing this year is "blue eyes" -- so pretty! Isn't it a shame that the weeds grow effortlessly? Sigh. Hope your garden takes off soon. :)

  2. Your day must smell really good:)

  3. praying for your mama to be and grand child! How exciting and fun :) Love the photos and the green knitting-both soothing.

  4. What a lovely day! Your pictures are great! Will be praying for that sweet baby! and mama!

  5. Thanks for the prayers, ladies! Cannot wait to meet that sweet babe. :)


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