Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Busy, busy days...

Last week was crazy busy. Having been home from our road trip for only 3 nights, Dan sent me and the kids off to the Oregon coast on Wednesday to join our annual church camp at Cape Lookout State Park. The weather could've been better, but it didn't rain! And since we were only there for one night, a little cool cloudiness was fine by me. My only complaint was that I forgot my camera at home! Argh. Upon our arrival home Thursday afternoon, I began sewing a very special dress for my little granddaughter...

Sunday we had the blessing of witnessing baby Charlotte's baptism! What a joy it was to watch as the water was applied to my first born's first born (Acts 2:39 tells us that the promise is to us and to our children after us!). If you're wondering why our church practices infant baptism, you can read about it here.

Daniel and AnnaLynn have been busy holding the baby and getting to know her; she loves her Aunt Anna and Uncle Danny. :)

And me? Other than sewing for three days straight (I finished the gown at 11 p.m. Saturday night...), I've been harvesting lavender, tending my flower beds, and weeding my herb and vegetable gardens.

I've also spent many hours this past week helping Dan get our electrical business up and running. Working together toward a goal that has been a dream for so, so long is awesome! We're just about there...

Reading? Mainly I've been pouring over the latest copies of two of my favorite magazines: Mother Earth News and Every Thought Captive. Knitting? Still working on that beanie pattern; I just haven't had the time to sit and knit. Sad, I know! The exciting news is that I (just yesterday) sent off my photos and paper work to Knit Picks and am waiting for word that my Cascades Cabled Mitts pattern is up on their website...I'll share as soon as it's up. :)

For the rest of this week I'll be busy with all the prep for my most amazing husband's 50th birthday party this weekend! Hope to share some pics next week. :)

One more thing before I sign off. What are you all doing to keep up with blog reading now that Google Reader is no more? For the life of me, I cannot understand why they retired it! Any suggestions?

(And I know I already said one more thing, but here's another. Sorting through well over a thousand photos from three different cameras is taking far longer than I'd anticipated! I know I keep promising to share pics, so please hang in there!)

Blessings to you from busy me,


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  1. The dress is beautiful! What a great gift and heirloom.

    Congrats again on the business - may you be abundantly blessed!

    I think I am jealous of the lavender. I try to grow it; it doesn't look like yours. Oh well, eventually, maybe, someday!


  2. beautiful christening gown! You definitely had a marathon sewing bout! I think I love when we are very busy and then there are pockets of quiet that you take a second to absorb what's around you.

  3. Oh my! The christening gown is gorgeous. You've got a family heirloom there:)
    Charlotte is beautiful! Look at how engaged she is with her aunt and uncle.
    The flowers are lovely. How I wish I could smell that lavender. I bet it's heavenly.

  4. Beautiful baby! Beautiful Aunt and Uncle! Beautiful dress! Beautiful lavender!

  5. Your husband and mine share the same birthday month! :0) Enjoy your time Lisa, what joy to be able to make such a beautiful gown that will be kept for generations to come. m.

  6. The gown is beautiful! You do lovely work.

    Congrats on the newest blessing!

  7. I use Feedly to read blogs now. It's worked out well.

  8. What a beautiful gown - how special!
    I'm subscribing to a few blogs via email but mostly relying on social media updates.

  9. She is so beautiful and the gown is lovely.

  10. What a wonderful gift you gave your granddaughter!! I'll be praying for her salvation. Charis was baptized when she was about 4 weeks old.

    I use Bloglovin now; I especially like that they send an e-mail everyday with blogs that updated.


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