Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster, and new yarn (!!!)
Road Trip #2

Well, well. So much for keeping up on my blogging during our road trip! Thanks so much for the prayers and to those of you who've stopped by here to say hello. :)

It's Tuesday evening as I'm typing this. We've been in Lancaster since Sunday afternoon and will be leaving for Pittsburgh tomorrow. But I need to share a bit about what we've been up to before I talk too much about what's next on our road trip...

I picked up this beautiful yarn at the Lancaster Yarn Shop this afternoon...no way I could leave town without checking out the local yarn shop!! The photo is poor, and I apologize for that, but the lighting in this hotel room just isn't the best. A superwash wool sock yarn hand dyed here in Lancaster County, the colorway is "Barn Wood" -- I'll share a better photo once I'm back home. Can't wait to settle on a pattern for this gorgeous wool! Any suggestions? It's 484 yards. The book? We're planning to visit a Little House site to celebrate AnnaLynn's having read the entire series this school year and are using this wonderful book to decide just where to stop.

The history conference we attended last week was the most incredible way to wrap up our school year -- we heard lectures from Doug Phillips, Bill Potter, Joe Morecraft and others on topics including Jamestown, the Civil War, WWII, and so, so much more. Thursday the 4th we spent the day touring Gettysburg -- Dan and Daniel were privileged to participate in a small reenactment of Picket's Charge (where I had a brush with poison ivy, I think -- lucky me). We also witnessed a reenactment of Union and Confederate troops while at Gettysburg! When we arrived back at our hotel late on the 4th, we were delighted to watch Harrisburg's fireworks from the hotel parking lot. We had such a fantastic day -- a 4th we'll surely always remember!

The conference was held at the hotel where we stayed, so the kids enjoyed swimming during our dinner breaks most days. I finished sewing AnnaLynn's swimsuit just a day or so before we left on our trip knowing she'd need it for the hotel pool -- can't believe how much my kiddos have grown (sometimes seeing it in pictures is what it takes to realize this as one of you mentioned in a comment on my last post!).

A surprise to us that we weren't aware of prior to the conference is that Vision Forum planned to hold a church service on Sunday morning at the hotel -- this was such a blessing to us in that we didn't have to locate a church to attend. Scott Brown preached a good sermon, and we were blessed and encouraged before heading east with a quick stop in Hershey before stopping in Lancaster for three nights. Monday was spent in Philadelphia, and today was spent touring Amish country -- I'll share photos as soon as I can. :)

After we spend the next few days in Pittsburgh, we're off to the Cincinnati area to visit old friends and the Creation Museum over the weekend. After that we'll visit Laura and Almonzo's farm,Lord willing, as we make our way westward toward home. Please keep us in your prayers for safe travels! Will share more as time allows. :)



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  1. It sounds like you're having a great trip! We love visiting the Lancaster area. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures:)

  2. Enjoy your trip! It looks like you've had so much going on. Enjoy the rest of your journey, especially Pittsburgh. :)

  3. Love this! :) Glad to see you are sucking the life out of every second my friend! LY! J.

  4. I hope you enjoyed Pittsburgh! So close by! I heard that Gettysburg last week was going to be a mad-house. Glad to hear it was good.

  5. DeSmet South Dakota was a fantastic place for husband and me to visit and tour Laura Ingalls history!

  6. What a surprise to find out, just now, that you were traveling to Lancaster County - my stomping ground. I'm curious to know where you picked up that gorgeous yarn, here.
    We had overnight company - an out-of-state friend was attending the Gettysburg conference and took many photographs, which he showed us on his lap top. I liked seeing the costumes. Is that frivolous? My children and grandchildren were here over the holiday, too.
    What a pretty swimsuit you put together just in time for your special holiday. With nylon fabric I sewed skirts onto my daughters' swimsuits when they were teen maidens. They took swim lessons in them.
    Enjoy the remainder of your travels.
    Karen A.

  7. Oh what fun! I would have loved to visit all those sites of Laura and Almanzo's. And AnnaLynns bathing suit is sooooo pretty! Did you get one of those patterns in Women's size? I would love to find one like that in a woman's size. =o] When do you get back? I don't remember???


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